Why Olive Academy is the best!

Olive Academy is the most genuine and authentic IELTS and OET education provider you will ever come across. Our experience and expertise in the field of IELTS and OET training are what distinguishes us from the rest of the lot.

If you are searching for the best OET coaching center in Kottayam or IELTS training in Kottayam, Olive is the answer you are searching for. We consider all our students as part of our Olive family and we never leave our students behind.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To inspire students along their journey to achieve their lifelong learning and career aspirations

Mission: To develop the language skills of students to excel in International Language Tests with confidence and fluency and connect them between where they are and where they want to be.


Derol P Markose



Ritto Abraham




Executive Director

Nivin Varghese


Samson R Matthew

Academic Head


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